Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Re-purposing Alt Summit Swag

Blogging conferences (I've only been to one) are inspiring. You feel creative. You get a break from the mundane. I was so inspired at Alt Design Summit, in fact,  that I got a wild hair to put on my own blogging conference in Provo, Utah. (2013, anyone?)

When I came home from the conference my house seemed lovelier, my children more endearing, and my dog better-behaved. It was a treat. Note: Everything is back to normal now.

At Alt I got this big present. It was exciting.
Here is how I re-purposed (some might say "upcycled") the swag:
The ribbon was cut within an inch of its life for my Priesthood Preview invitations. It's not the actual priesthood, it's a preview of the priesthood and it comes (in this case) with root beer floats!

The mail chimp monkey was given to my son, left on the floor, and claimed by Frances as a special, tasty, chew toy. Look how she guards it! Frances the dog, brought to you by Mail Chimp.

Personally, I think the Cottonelle toilet paper covers are too good for toilet paper. But they aren't too good for Ellen's valentines. 

In my gift box there was a long, nude, stretchy swatch of fabric.
For Ben it serves as an ad hoc bald cap.

I'm thinking all you need for a great conference is a beautiful location, wonderful food, interesting classes, engaging speakers, and amazing swag. That shouldn't be too hard to throw together.


  1. DO EET! Maybe it'll get me to blog regularly :p Diggin' the do rag.

  2. Yes. You should do it. You should also have me help plan it. I think half tees must be involved in the swag. They would look good on Ben's head, too.

  3. Do I have to be a blogger to come?

  4. Umm...
    Why was there a "long, nude, stretchy swatch of fabric" in your gift box?

  5. heehee

    Gotta love the bald cap...


  6. If you plan it, I will come. I know you've been wanting to meet me forever.

  7. Can I be a keynote guest? Cuz I just want to SLEEP elsewhere and talk to grown ups and 2+2=shoe ....zzzz...oops, dozed off...did someone say smash burger? Ding dongs?

  8. You recycle with style! My Cottonelle container contains Margaret's small animal Squinkies. I knew that long, nude, stretchy swatch of fabric would not go to waste! MIne is green and makes a good doll hammock. More fun in 2013!!!

  9. If you're trying to get me to agree to participate in your conference, all you have to do is Vox me, Kacy! You don't have to take the passive route and write a whole blog post about it (sometimes it's fun to take on the Jenna Maroney world view.)

  10. I love that your son is reading Rolling Stone...

  11. Robots. So in right now.

  12. It just sounds like a RS activity to me. Totally doable (not by ME, but by someone - like you). I'm in for 2013! Even though you don't know me and I don't blog like gangsta'.


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