Friday, June 29, 2012

Weekly Round Up

As you know because you love and support me, I also write for Babble.  I write blog posts for them, like, every day. I love it. But one of my weaknesses is writing "leads." I write terrible leads because I write titles and I don't want to give everything away in my title. I like to write posts that follow a pattern articulated by Ken Burns as 1+1=3. I would teach you more about it if I were your writing teacher.

The point is that I don't like to put the 3 in the title because I like it to be a surprise. It's my own little formula--no one else uses to because it's not successful. I don't read blogs based on titles thinking, "Ah, the title mentions the 1 and possibly the other 1 but I'm sure there's a 3 there at the end waiting for me!" No. I skim titles as fast as I can looking for the words "Magic Mike" and if I don't see those words I move along.

Possibly, Ken Burns and I need to get with the program.

I also have this thing where I bury my main point and only reveal it as a treat for really committed readers. It's terrible in terms of page views. I'm learning.

I posted my flash mob. I keep expecting it to go viral.

I articulated my beef with Disney leading ladies with Good luck Charlie: Growing Up Female in a Disney World . Disney owns Babble. This may have been a mistake. What? I said I thought some of their shows were funny.

I described the Mechanics of Becoming Lame, which I originally posted on this blog. It's about how when you're a mom you act kind of dumb.

Then I wrote this thing about how to help kids with social anxiety but I had too much social anxiety to check the stats to see if anyone read it.

I posted this funny live-action Dora spoof which my father-in-law sent me which you should watch. 

Then I added my 2 cents to a conversation Maggie Gyllenhaal and Emma Thompson have been having for a while. They didn't include me so I included myself, which is exactly what my mom taught me to do when she was working and raising me and basically not having it all.

This post does not equal 3. It's just a round up. Or is it. . .

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  1. Titles might be overrated. Just saying in case you were worried. I often can't figure out what your titles have to do with your posts. But I always assume it's because I am so culturally unaware - at least of current culture. But I enjoy the posts anyway.


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