Friday, July 06, 2012

Weekly Round Up: Still Babbling

As you finish celebrating the birth of our country I hope you'll celebrate the birth of each post I wrote this week for They were natural, unmedicated births. I'm so proud of myself for that--I couldn't NOT mention it.

From haircuts to video games, 10 Advanced Moves for Mothers of Boys.

Remember book points? It's something I did instead of allowance.

How to Help Your Family Thrive, a summary of a great article from BYU Magazine.

Just a little reminder that all your failings are probably caused by a lack of sleep: It's Not You , It's Sleep.

And, as my grand finale of fireworks, You Might Be Cool Soon--which talks about how perceptions of cool are shifting.

Thanks for reading my Babbles. I know you read them because most of my hits at Babble come from right here. Other Babble writers get a lot of hits from, oh, maybe the Babble newsletter or the Babble Facebook page--you know, places where the Babble editors promote them. Not me! I love America.


  1. I'm baffled by the lack of love you're getting from Babble. One possible explanation is that Babble is incredibly lame and middle of the road, and you're hilarious, weird, and literate. Am I allowed to say that? Sorry if that's terrible. I'm not LDS or a friend of yours, just some goofball mom in LA, and I check in regularly to see what you're reading, what your kids are up to, and if you have any more golden tips like sleeping on your face.

  2. I agree with Carrie and I know you pretty well.

  3. I do the same as Carrie except I am LDS and I don't live in LA.

  4. Where else would I get a "You might also like: A Cat Made Me Dry Heave Today"?

  5. i concur with the above posts, except i don't know you and i am lds, but i live in Las Vegas. anyway, babble won't accept my comment, so i'm just going to post it here. In response to your post on the BYU family article-- yes! great stuff. yay! go byu. and now, with that out of the way, you can get to work on the full article detailing how you think Sherlock actually died. Cleverly placed giant trash bin, trick of the light, blood borrowed from sad pathologist girl. And while you're at it- what was the deal with Moriarty and his monologing anyway? looking forward to it!! ( no pressure :)

  6. Glad to read your blog Kacy... keep it up

  7. Good Babble posts.
    I'm going to take a wild stab in the dark, I can't help it, and guess that one of those two "cool" families you mentioned are The Blairs.
    That's all.

  8. Anonymous11:20 PM

    1. I have never had to hem jeans. My kids tend toward tall and skinny. But I have had to patch them so much I'm sick, sick, sick of it (and very good at it). I keep patching even though I hate it, because I want my famiy to thrive from my sacrifices.

    2. My husband cuts hair very well. I tried to have him teach me, but apparently I was doing it all wrong, so now he's the Permanent Official Barber. (But I still patch the jeans, so maybe I got the worse end of the stick anyway.) (What kind of stick has a good end and a bad end? And why have I never wondered about this before?)

    3.I just typed "shift enter" because I spend too much time on Facebook.

    4. Did the technology help you figure out about Sherlock's faked death? Remember the scene earlier where he told the pathologist he needed her? He needed a body from the morgue (the whole thing happens on a hospital roof) and she probably helped him fashion a Sherlock-looking mask for it to wear. Then he just hurled the body off the roof. I don't mean to brag, but I figured all this out before they even showed Sherlock in the cemetery--because I had been waiting through the whole show to find out what he needed her help with. (Actually I do mean to brag. Even though doing so used up any cool points I had accumulated.)

    Of course, Moriarty faked *his* death, too. (I base this only on the fact that in the books Moriarty never dies.)

    I'm so happy that my browser has finally figured out how to let me comment in embedded comment boxes. (But you might live to regret it.)

  9. Great post . Like it. Keep writing.


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