Friday, July 20, 2012

You Need to Know What I've Been Doing: Babblisimo

I've been writing posts for Babble every day. Today I told an oldie but a goodie about the time I accidentally passed gas in Jennifer Hardy's face when we were doing flip flops. I did not excel in dance class, which is surprising considering how much pizazz I have.
I made some lists this week:

What are the Other Mothers Doing Right Now?

10 Parenting Tasks that Make Me Feel Sorry For Myself

10 Worst Things About Amusement Parks

I like doing the lists because sometimes you don't have time to read a whole post. I mean, if I expect you to read every day (and I do) I have to take into account that sometimes you have a little less free- time available. Just remember that we need to make time for things that are important.

I used Babble's newer faster slideshow functionality to create a slideshow about my foster dogs and all that they have taught me. I'm sure the slideshow programmers never dreamed their creation would be used in such a beautiful way. That's what I do, see, I take the tools technology offers and use them to do my bidding. Only a few of those dogs got put to sleep and only one or two died from distemper. Love the odds!

I also created a slideshow about books you should read out loud to your grade schoolers. You know how I like to recommend books.

Last week I observed that my kids do just fine making their own breakfast. Maybe that's neglectful, but kids really thrive on neglect.

Did you see the Golden Superfriends mashup? I posted it. You should watch it. 

Wide Margins is about how I don't like to over schedule myself or my kids. I don't over schedule because I don't like being over scheduled but there are other advantages too--If anyone needs me, I'm usually free to help out.  And if they don't, everyone wins.

You are so good to read my Babbles. I feel like I'm blogging all the time. But poor Every Day I Write the Book is suffering. Christian said he missed my blog. I miss it too. I need to get into more of a blogging groove but that is not going to happen until my kids are back in school and out of my hair. Then I need to get caught up on TV, finish reading a bunch of books, lay in bed for a while, and THEN get into a blogging groove.

Thanks for clicking over. I might not have the biggest audience over there on Babble but I do have the smartest and the funniest. That's comforting, isn't it?

Say, is summer going well for you? It was rude of me not to ask sooner.

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  1. I LOVE the one about when you passed gas in the popular girls face! It's one of my favorites. You are smart and funny. That's why we come :)


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