Friday, August 31, 2012

Weekly Round Up

I wrote a post for Babble this week about Ellen starting kindergarten. She's my youngest so it's the end of the era.

Raising Babies and the End of an Era.

I also did a quick write up about the Kid History guys. They are doing Kid Snippets now and have a BoredshortsTV website. I think they are funny. One of my fellow Babble bloggers wrote about it today, too. This makes me think none of them ever read my posts but I don't care because it's good publicity for Kid History.

I also linked up with the Flight of the Conchords' new video. It's a music video to raise money for Red Nose Day: Comedy to Cure Kids. Go watch it. I'll wait.

I raised a question about Scouting and got some pretty interesting feedback. It's an honest question, because I already have kids in the scouting program and with all the controversy surrounding the BSA I've wondered about pulling my boys out. But I haven't.

And there you have it! Babble at a glance.

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