Monday, September 24, 2012

Best Babble Comment of the Week

The best babble comment of the week was posted in response to my post, "How Going to Church Helps Me Raise My Kids." There's a lot you could say to that post. Or you could ignore it. It's pretty long, after all. Or you could do what my favorite commenter did and reply, simply,


1,000 points for being succinct. See ya in hell.

Coming in at a close second for my favorite comment of the week was this gem posted on 10 Classic Cartoons that Taught Me Everything I Know.  I've got to hand it to this commenter, they are right about me:

"The author must be an Obama supporter. What’s wrong with Elmer Fudd carrying a gun ? Maybe he clings to his religion too ? And Pepe LePew is just like Bill Clinton, whom you liberals all seem to idolize."

Except for the part about clinging to religion which, see above. But aside from that, this commenter has me pegged. It's kind of amazing. As far as I know this commenter didn't even read my post where I commend Bill Clinton for being just like Pepe LePew. I've got got to hand it to this commenter--pretty insightul. And while his passionate defense of Elmer Fudd might strike some as unusual, puzzling, or perhaps even as a waste of time I did, after all, call him a loser, which he took pretty personally. And rightly so.

What else did I write this week? Take a look:

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Isn't that a lot of posts? You can tell I'm getting desperate. It's the end of month and I haven't hit my page view quota. It's embarrassing but I guess sort of thrilling in it's own way. I really can't figure out why I have the least page views of all the Kid Scoop bloggers. My posts are as good as theirs and interesting. I think? I mean, I'm weighing in on some hard-hitting issues like wearing shoes inside your house and making social commentary about sex and politics with my discussion of Velma. You'd think I'd be breaking the internet with this stuff!


  1. Kacy- the "I am voting for Obama and I'm a Mormon" bumper sticker has arrived. Where can we mail it to you?

  2. This post reminded me of this:

  3. i love all your posts! so, boo.


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