Monday, September 10, 2012

Can Fandom Change Society?

I'm pretty interested in the new fandom as the new grassroots. I'm also pretty interested in Doctor Who, LOTR, and the internet. Also, I have dress robes.  Could fan fiction be the next frontier for me? I fight the urge to write a Snape and Lily prequel every day. EVERY DAY. (It would be for mature audiences.) Check this out:


  1. You write it, we'll read it. Win.

  2. Seriously, why are you stopping yourself? Must be the sweet whisperings of the spirit telling you that lo, that fan fiction would be awesome and many would read and partake. Amen.

  3. The world just organized itself around an urge to read a Snape/Lily prequel. I will never again be happy until I can do it. And you are the one to write it. Maybe even The One.


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