Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Weekly Round Up: Last Week's Babble Posts

Don't you wish I could just live blog constantly? Ima get a kickstarter for that. Last week was as thrilling as ever over on Babble. I wrote a blog post every day like a good girl and I want you to read them, if you are inclined (and if you truly love me).

Remember during the last election how my then 3rd-grader was pushed down during recess and kicked by her friends when they were talking about the election and she mentioned that her parents were voting for Obama? That was sad. Now she's in 7th grade. Anyone else feeling a little bullied for their beliefs these days? I wrote about it.

Do you want your kids to feel more special? I don't. That's why I'm not super into elf on the shelf. But some people like doing crafts for their kids. But some people feel pressure to do it. But some people need a nap.

How Going to Church Helps Me Raise My Kids. I'm most proud of this one, but it was nerve-wracking putting it out there. A few Babblers have been talking about how they don't want their kids to grow up with an organized religion. I feel differently about it, but some people who make comments are not--let's see. . . how to put this--sane, kind, thoughtful, or polite. I was relieved to get such supportive comments on this post.

Did you know that unhappy kids are more materialistic? What's more, they are much more susceptible to advertising they see on TV. Pretty interesting. Read more the study an its implications here. Take heart, happy people can watch as much TV as they want.

Ooh--This one is pretty good. The Washington Post rounded up teachers and asked them what advice they would give to parents to help kids to better in school. I think it's actually pretty useful. Guess what? There are 10 tips. I love it when there are 10 tips.

There you have it. Have a good day--great if you can manage it--but at least good.

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  1. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Your Babble posts seem to have a different voice. I suppose because you are writing to a particular audience. I miss your regular blog writing.


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