Monday, October 22, 2012

I Really Thought I Did My Visiting Teaching for October

I could swear I did my visiting teaching for October. But what I'm actually remembering is doing my visiting teaching for September. Is October going by really fast for you?

We went to Disneyland last weekend. It was fun. Every time I went on Splash Mountain I told myself to be cool. But I'm always surprised by the sheer drop. It's scary and I can not disguise my fear, even for a photo.

I learned something really important this month which is kind of related to fear, thanks to a Babble commenter:

Zombies aren't real.

Specifically,  "Really? Seriously. Omg is all I can say. Zombies are fictitious!!!! Dead people coming alive again? Really? Not to be mean but I cannot believe this person is so stupid to actually blog about this and scare her kids trying to “prep” them for it? It can’t happen because dead do not come back alive!! You are ignorant!!!"

I feel so dumb.

Here are links to my Babble posts. You won't even believe how many there are:

How To Prepare Your Kids for a Zombie Apocalypse
A total waste of time since zombies are, apparently, fictitious.
Warm Costumes
So you don't have to ruin it with a coat.
Children's Illustrators Who Shaped My World
I LOVED writing this and I LOVE talking about it. Tell me who shaped your world in the comments or when you see me in real life.
Can Your Marriage Be Saved
Mostly a tribute to Amy, Rory, and Brandon Flowers.
A Wrinkle In Time is a Graphic Novel
Switched at Birth
Maggie almost was.

15 Things That Have Terrified Kids Through the Ages
This is a scary one.
Halloween Class Parties
Do Morning People Make Better Moms?
I think maybe they do.
There's a Mom Gene
Talking Politics With Kids
Hand Me Downs: What do You Keep and How do You Store?
I want to get rid of everything.

Do Kids Kill Art?
My speech for Justin Hackworth's thing.
Being Poor
Disneyland Lessons
Cute pictures of my kids.
The Lengths We Go to Avoid Each Other
Some Mom Hacks
Boys and Puberty: Ew

I know that's link overload. I just don't want you to miss anything.


  1. Everything's all zippidy-doo-dah and then boom, you're falling to who knows where! Reasons why I love/hate Splash Mountain.

    Did you make your kids wear matching shirts? I do whenever we go to amusement parks. It's the only way to keep track without freaking out.

  2. that commenter is gonna be real surprised when the millennium rolls around.

  3. or is it the second coming? i get those events all confused. whenever the dead start rising from their graves, she's gonna wish she had heeded your zombie apocalypse post.

  4. I seriously have to wonder about Babble readers... I only read your stuff so you can get the clicks you need :)

    1. Okay that was a vague comment. I'm talking about the rude comments you get. So I had to go comment on that one and play "dumb" with you.
      Is it just me or is she the one looking kind of silly because she doesn't seem to get that everyone else really doesn't believe, it's just fun to play along. ha ha. oh heavens.

  5. I loved your zombie post. I linked to it on facebook for my son. Preparing for the Zombie apocalypse is one of our fun things to talk about.


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