Friday, September 28, 2012

Screening Books for My Kids

It was fun to be quoted in an article on this week and I'm thrilled that a google search of "Muggle moms" might include me, but the question of whether my kids will read JK Rowling's The Casual Vacancy is not really an issue. They don't want to read it because it's not about Harry Potter. If they were interested in reading it, I'd read it first to make sure it was appropriate. That's what we do with most things.

But more than making sure it's appropriate, I like to screen books for my kids to make sure it's a book they'll like. Sadly, my older kids are not that into reading. They read and they are bright and they read things for school and they see me reading all the time, so I'm sure they will eventually become great lovers of books. In the meantime, I don't want them to get bogged down reading something boring. I try to steer them towards books that I know they will love. I want every reading experience they have to be wonderful and I'm kind of controlling about it which is probably why they aren't that into reading.

Maggie read and loved The Wednesday Wars at my admonition (which I read at the admonition of Amy). Now she has to read a biography so I got her Louisa May Alcott's at the library. I hope she likes it. The first biography I ever read was about Clara Barton. She's basically awesome.

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  1. I showed that last picture to Hazel and said "that's Auntie Kacy's house" to which she responded, "Oh, I thought it was some weirdo's house." Same diff.


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