Monday, December 03, 2012

How Can Merle the Racist Be So Cute Now?

Every time I watch Merle in The Walking Dead now I marvel at how he has become cute. I used to hate Merle. We all did. Why is he cute now?

I've figured it out. See below.

He has always had an interesting voice. When it was busy saying hideously racist things we didn't notice it as much.

I think he lost some weight/bulk. Pilates?

He has a scruffy beard now, which is flattering.

His arms are tanner and he doesn't wear tank tops or vests as often.

His cargo pants are WAY better now. Fitted, modern--Just like Andrea's. It makes a difference.

Every time we see him the sympathy-self-amputation-card is played. You can't really help but notice his big knife hand. Sad. Poor old disfigured Merle.

The Walking Dead is so surprising. First they make Merle cute and then they make the long-awaited reunion between MeDaryl take place in the Spartan zombie arena.  I don't know what will happen next.


  1. So interesting, because I do not find him cute at all and found his weight loss disturbing, like perhaps he had been ill. I can see how he is objectively attractive, sort of, looking at the picture, but I would probably choose Darryl (sp.)
    I have a question. I asked my teenaged daughter about this, but for some reason she did not want to take it up. Was the Andrea-Shane car moment last season shocking or not? I couldn't believe they showed that on TV, but maybe I just don't watch enough TV.

    1. I hated that Andrea-Shane car scene and found it disturbing as well. It also made me like both characters less. I think that last night's scene (where Michonne and the Governor) fight was one of the most intense / shocking scenes on TV ever -- obviously for a different reason, but still. Holy cow.

    2. It was incredibly coarse, wasn't it? I already disliked Shane, but this was when I stopped loving Andrea. We haven't watched last night's episode, but if it's more intense than the Laurie caesarean I might have to briefly leave the room.

    3. Well, I may have blocked the Laurie Caesarean from my mind, so I don't want to compare the scenes because I would have to remember. But it was pretty intense. Awesome, but intense.

  2. Oh man, the fight scene between Michonne and The Governor had me screaming out in shock and horror! Aaaah!

    I can't stand Andrea. She just gravitates toward whoever is in a position of power, and has no brain of her own. Every time she is on the screen I want to yell at her. I hope she gets eaten by a zombie.

    And Meryl. I really didn't notice his change in appearance because I am too busy being mad at him for what he did to Glen. When I see his knife hand thing I don't feel bad for him at all. That's just karma for being such a racist meanie. He had it coming.


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