Sunday, December 02, 2012

What About Babble?

What's wrong--Why haven't I been tweeting and Facebooking my Babble posts a million times a day?

To those of you who assumed I quietly lost my job at Babble and have decided not to mention it to me, thank you. That's exactly what I want you to do when, inevitably, I am quietly fired from Babble.

But I'm still plugging away. Babble launched a site re-design around Thanksgiving and there have been a few glitches getting the blogs back up. All of the Kid Scoop bloggers are on standby for full parental blogging and we can't wait to start posting slide shows, ASAP.

I expect the Babble blog to be back up this week so stay tuned. Don't worry, I'll tweet my posts a million times. That's how you'll know I'm back.

In the mean time, Live Strong. (Are we still saying that? Considering?) I've been making the most of my time off by teaching myself to play the ukelele and by listening to all versions of all songs from Les Miserables.

Here are the uke songs I'm working on:
Somewhere Over the Rainbow (of course)
Call Me Maybe (of course)
Intro to Stairway to Heaven (of course)
I Walk the Line (what else?)
Riff from I can't Get No Satisfaction (I say "riff" now)
Riff from Back in Black (of course)
7 Nation Army (of course)

Am I good at the uke? Mmmmmm, no. But I feel like I am. I know about 6 chords. The main problem is that I can't really tune my uke very well so all my songs sound bad. There's a lesson in there somewhere. Part one of my plan for complete guitar domination is almost complete. (Part one is learning how to tune things.)


  1. I'm hopeful you're pronouncing it, "oo-koo-leh-leh."

  2. Now I want an ookoolehleh.

  3. we had a ukelele when I was a kid. my mom always sang the words "my dog has fleas" when she would tune it. try that. maybe that's the magic ticket.

    also, I'm catching up on your writings (I HAVE NOT HAD INTERNET!!) and I love your Brandon flowers post. he is just such an endearing chum. I just went to a counting crows concert BY MYSELF... I would have rather gone with you! you sound like the greatest concert-goer EVER.

    live strong.

  4. If you have not yet listened to Eddie Vedder's UKULELE SONGS, I suggest you do so post-haste. All kinds of awesome. He's probably got some riffs you can copy. (But I still pronounce it "youkuhlaylee, so what do I know.)

  5. Can you tell the Babble folks that I hate the redesign? I hope a uke cd is forthcoming.

  6. whew! good to know, both about the uke and babble. also, good luck with both. can't wait to see your next ingenious slide show.

  7. Ha! I didn't know you were doing the ukelele! Me too! My ward here in Half Moon Bay has a ukelele group (band?) called Ukelele Sunshine. It is so delightful. We play at ward parties and stake musical firesides.

    Go buy a tuner. You can get them at most music stores. It's electronic and it clips onto the top of the uke (like this It's great, especially since new ukelele strings require more frequent tuning (so they say).


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