Saturday, January 12, 2013

Here's What Went Down This Week

All in all, it was a good week. I've resigned myself to taking a swig of Dayquil for day and a swig of Nyquil at night. This flu is bad and lingering. But I'm mostly better and still don't believe in flu shots—It's my one weird belief. I'm pretty normal about everything else. Get your shot. It's probably good for you.

I made this cake. It is delicious. Make it.

We chose a family theme. I wasn't planning on having a "theme," but I was reading the New Era and I was struck by a quote from President Monson, "We are the Lord's hands." Clear. Actionable—Just like a good blog title should be. I think it's a nice thing to focus on in 2013.

And I wrote these posts for Babble:

Presidential Photostream: When it comes to kids, He's Just Like Us: I'm obsessed with the White House Flickr page. It's so interesting. I put some images together of the Obamas interacting with kids. I think the photos are adorable myself, but around 80 commentors on the Facebook page think otherwise. It's OK. I've heard it all before. Literally. More than one of the comments said, "I wish that baby would throw up in his face." If wishes were fishes!

What to Give the Teenage Boy Who Has Everything: A little lookie-loo into what Sam got for Christmas. PS: There was a new iPhone in that stocking–So it's not all about quirky randomness, but I didn't tell Babble that! (I know you like getting the inside scoop.)

Free Range Kids: Justin Bieber and Preparing Kids for Life: A very detailed post about the angst of parenting and how I set it aside to send my kids alone on public transportation to attend a Justin Bieber concert. It invoked this charming response on Facebook, "How the hell did justin beiber [sic] have anything to do with her parenting choices? He has no children that he knows of anyway. And what dumbass would take parenting advice from a pot smoker who only does pot to try and be cool." 

Oh, Every Day I Write the Book, you are and will forever be a safe place for me to passive aggressively complain about Facebook comments. Anyway, now that I know they don't actually read my posts I will feel free to sneak even more General Conference talks into my posts. Tee hee!

Thanks for reading, guys. 


  1. Oh my goodness! Those comments just prove that the majority of people are stupid. Why can't everybody just be like us?

  2. I don't believe in flu shots either. I have gotten flu shots I think 3 times, and EVERY one of those years I had the flu. When I don't get the shot, I rarely get the flu.

    Actually, the one huge fail was when I got swine flu in 2009 (no flu shot that year, either regular or swine version). But honestly, it was the very beginning of flu season and I probably couldn't have avoided it anyway, AND now my doctor says I'm pretty much good for life on the swine flu. 3 weeks of torture (it was REALLY bad) means I won't get the swine flu ever again. I like to think it was worth not getting the shot.

    You're welcome for reading. Props for sending the kids out on their own to see the Biebs. They deserved it.

  3. I have tried to comment over there at Babble on your blog and it won't submit. See? You aren't unpopular on Babble! Just glitchy!!

    1. I know, I have had trouble viewing comments since the re-design. I don't know what's up with that. Thanks for trying to comment!

  4. Angry commenters puzzle me. I don't get flu jabs either. The strain of flu is guessed each year for the jabs, so it's a lottery as to whether you're inoculated against the flu or not!

  5. Reading Babble comments ruins my day! Ugh...some people. I've mostly gotten myself trained to stop reading once I hit the end of a blog post there. (Plus I'm super easily distracted, and I'd be online all day if I kept clicking on all the "read more!" links)


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