Friday, January 04, 2013

Weekend Reading

Hi guys. I'm just popping in with a few links to this week's Babble posts. I wouldn't want you to feel like I abandoned you in your time of need.

Let Dad Do It: Let me know what you think of this. It's a specific kind of advice to moms who have a hard time "letting" dad help with the kids and the house.

Sandy Hook Students Go Back to School: They went back on Thursday, just like my kids. Anyone experience the Dixon lock down a couple months ago? It scared Maggie. WHY IS LOCK DOWN A THING.

How to Survive the Flu: Truth be told I'm still relapsing from my Christmas flu. But I still think it's good advice.

Parenting Dos and Don'ts As Illustrated by Les Mis: Oh yes, I did! If I can take a movie I'm super into and turn it into a Babble post with a slideshow, I certainly will do that.

Do Not Read This Book Unless You are an Over-Achiever: A new take on an old favorite by Daryl Hoole. Oy vey. I'm glad she's not my relief society president.

10 Books to Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions: These books are guaranteed to help. Did you make any resolutions? I totally didn't. I always feel like the new year starts in the fall. It's too cold to make any resolutions right now.

Always remember and never forget, I write a new post almost every day for Babble. Stay tuned. 

Happy trails!


  1. You rock the toupe!

  2. I loved your Dad article. "...but parenting is an equal opportunity muscle that needs to be flexed every day whether you're a man or a woman."


  3. I also like the dad article a lot. Really good advice for new moms especially because I think once the mom takes over everything, that is a tough thing to change down the road. My husband started doing the breakfast routine when my kids went through that stage of waking up at 5 AM. (Tina Fey says you know it is early when you are watching TV and they say "next up...the early show.") But anyway, he is still doing the breakfast routine 10 years later. I get to be the hero if I make pancakes on Saturdays occasionally. He also likes hiking and takes them on nature walks a couple of times a month. I wouldn't really enjoy that, but they all do. My husband works a TON of hours, so having things that he can take care of when he is around is really nice. PS: that is a great picture of you and DH.

  4. Couldn't agree more! (About the dad article, not the toupe).

  5. Oh Daryl Hoole. I think I'll need to read this book purely for entertainment purposes. I went to one of her classes at Education Week a few years ago. She's a riot.

  6. Dad article...ROCKS! I was at my son's basketball game last night (they lost spectacularly, by the way) and found myself texting my husband, reminding him to pick up a daughter for dance class and a son from his job. Then I texted..."Thank you so much. I appreciate you helping me!" I meant it to be a "Hey! Thank you for doing this crazy running around job with me...I'd be lost without you" type text, but instead I made it sound like this is MY thing and he's just some guy giving me a hand. Dumb! Anyway, his response was the best... he said "Wha??". That pretty much summed it up.


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