Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Complicated Humble Brag

In an email exchange with my son's seminary teacher, the teacher said,

"Sam is a great young man! I can tell he values being a priesthood holder by the way he treats others. Thank you for raising him that way."

When I read that, my eyes flooded with tears and I was very proud. I thought: Yes. I did it.

My grandpa had 5 daughters and 0 sons. My mom had 3 daughters and 0 sons. My dad left the church and my step dad is not active. I have complicated feelings about the priesthood. I don't love the patriarchal nature of religion or the sexism embedded into the culture of my church's early history. 

But I can't think of anything that has ever made me feel this proud.


  1. I've never even met the child, and I'm proud! Good parenting, friend.

  2. You should be proud. Adorable. Well done.

  3. PS. I like the new favicon!!

  4. I think there is nothing better than other people vocalizing a specific and sincere compliment about your child, especially THAT kind of a compliment! Eating nutella crepes in front of a fire in one's pajamas probably comes pretty close, but still.


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