Friday, February 22, 2013

Hey Guys.

Hey guys. How's it going? Just a little Babble report: I'm 10,000 page views short of my requirement this month. It's OK. They are nice to me and I don't think they will fire me if I miss it.

I've done some fine work this month. I  mean, my piece on  eating your own feces? Tell me you haven't wondered about it! And my concern that Rick isn't bonding with his newborn? Not only is that post topical, but it also provides some pretty useful information about bonding with your baby during the newborn stage AND links to another Disney-affiliated website. They didn't even ask me to do that. Pro that I am, I came up with the concept all on my own.

 I gave a little shout-out to a Provo 7-11 using Slurpees to promote literacy. I mean of all things, Slurpees! If that's not clickable, I don't know what is.

I also did a little sponsored deal for the Oscars. I understand why Babble didn't promote that one. It got a little weird. I kind of went off quoting The Matrix.  I also summed up Obama's virtual Fireside chat, which was a pretty cool thing. (Google Hangout—There's no stopping it!)

Then there was today's post on how I'm failing my kids. That one was just sort of sad. But heartfelt.

And I rounded out the week with a little complaining.

Check out the Babble posts if you like. I just don't ever want you to come here and think I haven't been writing for you. I have, it's just over here.

And remember, it is basically harmless to eat your own feces.


  1. this is a little creepy, but tonight i saw your husband and kids at costa vida. i realized it because i recognized your cute youngest daughter, who played hide and seek with me for a minute while we were in line. just wanted you to know i think you're cool!

    1. How funny! I showed Ellen a picture of you from your blog and she did say she saw you.

  2. I just read the one about eating poop. Funny, a couple days ago I found this article that talks about people with intestinal problems eating healthy people's poop as a cure. Well, not eating it exactly, but being, uh, injected with it.


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