Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Serendipity: Ben

You know how they say that if you put enough monkeys in a room with enough type writers for long enough they would eventually write a pretty good novel? Well, I think that's probably true.

My son Ben is 2 and always trying to be funny. He has a very good sense of humor, but sometimes it's a little hit and miss. Lately he's been just adding nonsense phrases onto the end of salutations. I think he started doing this because I sometimes say, "See you later, Ding Dong." So now he tries different variations of it: "Hello there, gingo." "Good night, shish nah!" It's not really that funny but I think he's hoping to eventually hit upon something gold.

Well, today he was doing the same thing (he does it about 20 times a day--always with a different configuration of meaningless syllables) and he came up with, "Thanks a lot, dumb bum."

I guess I don't really think monkeys could write a novel. That was just crazy talk. Speaking of crazy talk, I have to run. I've got a date with Sista C. and I just know I'm going to get to first base. If that sounded gross to you, well, that's because rubbing analgesic cream into old ladies is gross. See ya later Bob Loblaw! (I'd like to see a monkey write that.)


  1. I can't wait for Bob Loblaw!

    Last night when I was running really fast through the church parking lot to my car so I could help the girl I visit teach follow the boy she likes, I thought about how I am trying to be a good visiting teacher just like you, eating that peppermint lozenge. I don't think I can top this cream rubbing bit though.

  2. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Ca-caw! Ca-caw! Lindsay's chicken is the best.

    I've lived in Orange County for a year and I have yet to encounter Wee Britian. My son thinks he saw the Mom driving around a corner the other day, though. I told him if he sees someone who looks like an actor around here, chances are it is them.

  3. "...eventually hit upon something gold."

    What do you mean eventually? Maybe it's a guy thing, but "Good night, shish nah!" really struck a chord with me. Do you think your son would mind if I started using his phrase?

  4. Is Baio "Bay-o" or "Bye-o"?

    I never remember. I think I say "Bay-o."

  5. mmmmmm...first base with Sista C....

  6. Trying to be funny with hit and miss nonsense, sounds like the story of my life. Carry on, young Ben. It is up to us to fight the good fight, shaka doo!

  7. There was a grocery store chain in Western New York years ago called Loblaws. The owner's name was Robert.

  8. What ever happened to "See you later, Alligator" and all that good stuff? You creative people are always trying to mix things up.

    "I don't think any of you have actually ever SEEN a chicken."

  9. "Good night, shish nah!" Ben Jewish by accident? That sounds very Jewish...and very much something you would hear in...Yentil. THAT or he's training to become the next Mike Meyers...or the next host of "Coughie Talk...' ;)

    And also...should I be offended that my word verification letters are PMS??? Are "they" trying to tell me something??

  10. Kacy: I think you might have just disproven evolution!

  11. I had monkeys over to type all afternoon and the best they could come up with was:

    "jdnxgsw73nmwekd9 nm"


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