Monday, February 21, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We went to St. George on Friday. It was fun. Today we are home and I am happy. I like my home. I like being home. I'd rather be home than anywhere. Does that make me dull? Perhaps. At least I'm content puttering around. I have worked hard to create a comfy bed to lie upon whilst reading. I like every-day living. Maybe it doesn't sound like much but it's actually quite important. If you don't like every-day living you could become suicidal. I never will.

But people seem to enjoy trips every now and then and we take them occasionally too. You see, it's the same for me wherever we go: "watching" Ellen eat, "watching" Ellen go to the bathroom, remaining neutral in DS charger fights. I can do it here or in San Diego or in St. George or anywhere. This weekend we were in St. George. Christian and I love road trips because we get to talk so that was a plus. We ate most lunches and dinners out so that was also a plus. We stayed in a friend's condo for free so that was a huge plus. It was cold and rainy, which was a negative. But there was an indoor swimming pool so that was a plus for the kids and a neutral for me--I don't like wearing a swimming suit but I have no bodily pride anymore and the hot tub was somewhat enjoyable. We played tennis when the rain let up which I enjoyed considerably. I was better than all my kids until they had the bright idea that, "Hey, it's just like the Wii" and started getting their serves over the net. Curse you, WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!
We went to Brigham Young's winter home which I really enjoyed so that was a plus until Ellen's hair became entangled in the buttons on the tour guide's jacket and Maggie started asking the hard questions about polygamy which I had hoped to gloss over (like you do). But when all was said and done and untangled--Plus, overall.
Before we left on our trip I did my first Welcome Baby visit. Plus! It's such a great program. If you are having a baby you should sign up for it--maybe I'll visit you. I always like to imagine that I have a really devoted but unbalanced blog stalker who might go to the trouble of faking a pregnancy just so I would come and visit them as a Welcome Baby volunteer. It sure would be interesting.

I hope you had a nice weekend. Back to the old grindstone tomorrow. AmIrightoramIright?


  1. I share your love for home, and every day routine. Homebodies unite :) St. G is a great place to visit for a little while, though.

  2. We used to vacation in St.George - in the summertime. It's weird, but it worked for us. If you got up early enough you could play tennis before it got too hot. Then you could nap in the air-conditioned condo. Then you could swim and my teenaged kids love to "lay out" and get a tan. Thankfully they are not the kind that burn. We went to Zion's, Grand Canyon, Shakespeare Festival, Deseret Book, and Albertsons - for ice cream and movie rentals.

    So telling my family you took a trip to St. George would elicit sighs of envy!

    Glad you are back safe and sound.

  3. honestly, the only way for it to be a TRUE "vacation" is to leave the kids home....otherwise it's just transporting your work to a different, and less convenient, location....just sayin'.......

  4. I think we both know who your unbalanced blog stalker is, don't we? Don't we, Kacy?

  5. Blog stalker here. And I didn't even have to FAKE my pregnancy. I'm due in about 12 weeks, so get up here.

    Okay, it's 500 miles. Maybe I'll coem to you on conference weekend. Lord knows I could use a Welcome Baby refresher course with this surprise child...I really forgot a lot of things in 5 years!

    Also, I was seriously just musing about what a total hermit I have become and I am so proud of it. My house rocks and going anywhere else is rarely worth the effort.

  6. Anonymous8:23 PM

    That was ME, Jamie, btw, not the PTO.

  7. I always liked that about you, that you like to be at home. I like to be home too. I think I first started learning to love it when I met you. It is too easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. Home is where it is at.

  8. This is the second post I've read, and I am totally in love! I love being home and just caring for my family (wish I could do it full time). You made me go way back to when I was 10 and my dad was beating me at tennis and loving it...wish I had a wii.


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