Monday, February 14, 2011

Wherein I Use Valentine's Day to Brag About My Kids And, Indirectly, Myself

Oh yes--we are all bitter about Valentine's Day because greeting card companies invented it and because the Brent Hamilton's of this world never really came through for us in 4th grade in spite of our devotion [obsession] which may have [did] manifest itself in insane but very thorough snooping through his entire house while babysitting his little brothers--but why not claim it as our own and redefine the holiday as an opportunity to brag? I wouldn't be the first blogger to do it and I won't be the last. Instead of pervy allusions to how sexy my love life is, I'm going to talk about my kids and how much they love me. Win/Win.
Maggie made everyone a special valentine. She always does because she is thoughtful and nice. It must be disappointing for her to live with us clowns. My valentine from Maggie says, "The important thing about Mom is that she is caring. Reading is relaxing to her. Writing brings her great joy. Friends and family are inspiring. Organizing is one of her many talents. Making people laugh makes her feel happy and generous. Making dinner brings smiles to her family's faces. But the important thing about Mom is that she is caring."

Why am I sharing this? The reason is twofold. First, the valentine casts me in an awesome light and second, I raised her which also casts me in an awesome light. See how I did that there? I am redefining Valentine's Day. And this is how I'm redefining it.
That's my son Ben in his Snuggie. What does this picture mean? I don't know. Who cares. Happy Valentine's Day. [Carly and Erin, that is Grandma and Grandpa's dinner table in the background which is red now. Do you care that I painted it red?]

Nothing gives me greater joy than to watch my kids frolicking appropriately. The poor things think it is Spring.

I told them that they will know it's really Spring when it snows on Easter.
Oh, Sam. If I were 25 years younger and not your mom I'd probably be insanely but thoroughly snooping through your house right now. It's more creepy the more you think about it--but it's true none the less.  What! Cute young moms talk about eating their newborn babies' cheeks and being a "little in love" with their toddlers all the time. This is what it looks like when you're almost 40, ladies. (I turn 40 in 2 years and frankly it's going to be a huge relief to let some of this cool go. I can't wait.) See what I did there? Valentine's Day=talking about my impending birthday. Bam!

Here's my present to Ben. Sam got the same thing. Christian gives presents to the girls in the family and I give to the boys. Isn't that a charming tradition! Guess where I got the idea? Design Mom. Guess where I got the idea for the Bucky Balls? Chup. That's right. I read blogs just like you. And I buy and do whatever they tell me to. Send me a dollar. (Of course, I know all the bloggers personally and we go to Wendys pretty often. That's right--a national fast food chain!) Dear Gabby and Courtney--They call it the "Kacy bump" and you're welcome.

Who, me?

Honk, shooo.

What I'm saying here with these photos is that my kids are cute. Not only that,  we go outside and play so I'm a good mom and don't just blog in the house all day. A picture is worth a thousand words, is it not? 

Happy Valentine's Day. I love me.


  1. That seems like SUCH a better way to do Valentines day.

    Sorry, I don't have a dollar. Forgive me please!

  2. Wait a minute....haven't I read this post, only written by many other bloggers? Only yours seems more, I don't know, upfront about your true intentions to brag and show off. I like it! So refreshing!

  3. Best Valentine's post ever.

  4. This is a great idea, and I'm going to follow your example. My post might have a lot less about my kids and a lot more about me, though.

  5. I love you too!!!! This was the most refreshing Valentine's Day post I've read in YEARS. YEARS I tell you!

  6. so whadaya want for your birthday??? You are obviously the lady who has everything so you better leave some pretty heavy hints. ;) BEST Valentine's Day post I've read...hands down!

  7. Thanks for writing Honk Shoo. I always wonder if my 1 year old thinks I am smoking crack when we "pretend sleep".

  8. You are such a good mom! You'd better blog about what you want for your birthday (or have Courtney or Gabby blog about what you want) soon.

    You are caring.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  9. I love you. And the word verification said farresse, but I read "Fartresse" and thought it might be appropriate.

  10. Maggie's note was so sweet! You are doing a good job with all of them -- especially SOLO at times. You're wonderful!

  11. I love that mother pride--sometimes I feel like my kids really are the best things about me. Yours are clearly winners.

  12. This is the perfect Valentine post.

    Also. I haven't figured out the shopping situation here in France yet, so my kids received Mentos for Valentine's Day.

  13. I loved that post. I love Maggie's Valentine. She is quite the writer. For the record, you make me laugh a lot. Happy Valentines and we love you guys.


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